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they are our fuel. We work to look for suitable profiles for companies that want to support their growth through hiring valid resources with high professional competence

We combine our experience and our skills to create a complete offer that is not limited to head-hunting services but also includes several other possibilities for creating a high-level work environment 

Meet the Team

The Lighthouse HR Team

We are an Executive Search company, but

we also select Professionals to be inserted directly into the companies we follow (recruiting).

Our work does not end here because each of us is able to provide further services relating to Human Resources conceived and designed especially for structured companies that have the intention and possibility of growing and increasing the size of their Human structure.

From dedicated training courses to Employer Branding strategies through Assessments and Psycometrics test for candidates and collaborators: we want to offer the difference, that difference necessary for companies that are growing thanks to the growth of their people.

We have the goal of

be a beacon for companies and help them create quality work environments, within which People are valued and can feel protected and pwheeled in what turns out to be the place where they live most of their daily lives.

“Working with you means collaborating to achieve a statistically more effective result than what the market offers.”

Domenico, Group HR Director

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